Our safety guide and company rules

  • We are always geared to meet the safety and liability of requirements. We currently have a company policy manual and a copy of which will be provided to our staff who will be working at your site.
  • Adequate training of using cleaning products and equipment is provided to workers
  • There is an ongoing training program for staff.
  • We have all the insurance requirements (Certificate of insurance will be provided upon request)
  • Workers Compensation coverage for staff is in place.
  • We are responsible to report all safety incidents immediately to the assigned personnel of the purchaser and a written record of this is maintained by us.
  • No chemicals will be used or stored without prior knowledge and approval of our customers and an approved MSDS sheet is kept on site of all our commercial customers.
  • We are responsible for liability and clean up of any chemical spill on the Purchaser’s Property
  • Alcohol and Drugs are not allowed on the premises
  • Smoking is allowed only on designated premises




White Gloves Cleaning Services Uses Only Environmentally Friendly Products That are Safe For Your Family and Pets.